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A key priority of the Higher Polytechnic School (EPS) is the internationalisation of our studies and students. The School seeks to attract qualified foreign students to increase the plurality of working teams and improve students’ skills and competences. It also aims to provide students with the tools necessary to help them become excellent professionals at an international level.

To reach these objectives are offered different training pathways and mobility programmes which can be chosen according to the students’ needs.

Support of exchange students

Students will be in charge of accommodation and living expenses at the host university. Additionally, enrolment must be processed at the home university where the price of taken credits will be stipulated.

Students may apply for calls to obtain grants for covering partially or completely accommodation, travel and/or living expenses.

Useful addresses

The following addresses provide more information about mobility calls and the news related to the master courses.

  • Mobility EPS. All kind of information on mobility options from EPS.
  • Master Degree in Leather Engineering. Updated information on the double degree, interview periods and mobility calls can be found here.
  • International Relations Office. Information about mobility programs and the procedures to apply to them.


Centres with signed agreements

You can see the foreign Universities with signed agreements with the EPS in the following links: