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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment

To enrol in the first year of a master’s degree at Catalan public universities, pre-enrolment is required.

From this link you can find all the information related to the pre-enrolment process and make your pre-enrolment.

Additional information on access and pre-enrolment regulations at the UdL can also be found.

ENROLMENT IN THE FIRST YEAR OF A COURSE AT THE HIGHER POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL must be processed in person at the secretary’s office of the centre.


Enrolment dates can be seen on the Enrolment Calendar.

Academic regulations on master’s degrees can also be seenNormativa Acadèmica dels Màsters.

Additional enrolment information regarding documents, scholarships, payment, dates and timetable can be found on the following webpage or, in person, at the secretary’s office of the centre.

The centre’s address is: Carrer de Jaume II, 69, campus de Cappont, 25001 Lleida. Telèfons: 973 70 27 01 / 973 70 27 02